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Workshop Update!

A busy few weeks ahead!

This lovely 2 inch Burrell has come in today for finishing and painting..

This nice little 3 1/2" County has come in with a few issues to sort out. The piston valves are seized, and the lining tape is peeling away and missing in a few places.

3 1/2" gauge black 5 in for some new piston valves and quick fix to one of its steps.

This is a 7 1/4" vertical boilered Chaloner kit made by Maxitrak which arrived a few days ago for finishing and painting!

This 5" LNER B1 needs a new regulator making.

A 5" Prarie needs new bushes in the motion work and a fix to the crosshead pump.

This 5" Pom Pom needs new motion work bushes. It suffers from a lack of compression so will need some work to resolve this too. One of the injectors is unreliable and will need investigating.

We will keep you updated with our progress!

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